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Weatherproof, Secure, Self-contained housing for GoPro Hero camera series.

The ARGUS is a force-multiplier for your GoPro and will add significant recording time in a dry and secure environment. The unit can fit a large PowerBank or Mains adapter for permanent power. 

The ARGUS turns your GoPro into the perfect TimeLapse camera unit, Second shooter or static recording unit, inside or outside.

The configuration of the unit allows access to change batteries as well as SD card without moving the camera or unit. This allows a perfect, undisturbed, long-term recording of both video or TimeLapse.

Secure & lockable

The unit can be installed remotely and securely using industrial grade brackets. The unit can be locked with a standard padlock.

All weather proof

Argus offers a way to film remotely in all weather conditions. The setup can be used with a Solar panel or connected to Mains for extended remote filming.

gopro HERO

ARGUS 7 is compatible with GoPro 
Hero 5 to Hero 7 Black.

ARGUS 8 will be compatible with with GoPro Hero 8. (Released later this year)



Fits standard tripods &
can house most power banks, incl. larger banks to ensure longer recording times. 
USB elbow adapter provided with the unit.

Get yours

Be one of the first to benefit from this unique camera housing.  Only £85*

*Standard housing unit is suitable for GoPro Hero 7. Adapter units are available for GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Hero 9. 

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